Doron Giat Signature Series

Doron Giat’s cymbal line consists of 13 different cymbals that offer a sweet, clean sound, that is extremely responsive and modern sounding. The cymbals are designed to fit every musical situation – from Jazz, Funk and Latin, to Rock and Fusion, from the studio to the stage and outdoors. The cymbals are light in weight and characterized in a smooth pleasant sound and a cool splashy spark at first touch. Clean and explosive at the same time. Each cymbal is very versatile and has a significant stick definition.

  • Hi-Hats (13”, 14”, 15”)
    13” - light and clean sparkling sound, more of a Fusion/Funk /Jungle hi-hat.
    - rich and solid with a perfect middle range sound, great for recordings and fits all styles of playing.
    15” - juicy and fat, low-end pitch, a kind of a retro to Art Blakey and John Bonham’s legendary hi-hats.

  • Splashes (6”, 8”, 10”) – Sparkling sound, bright and explosive.
  • Crashes (15”,16”,17”,18”) – Thin crashes, low pitch, great volume, very clean, but with a spark.
  • Ride (21”) – The perfect combination of nice sustain and a very clean tone, the edge feels like a good big crash cymbal, the bow has a stick definition, the bell really shines.
  • Flat Ride (20”) – Extremely clean and dry, amazing stick sound and definition.
  • O-Zone (18”) – An extraordinary sound effect, crunchy and pleasant to the ear, very responsive, even for percussionists that play with the hand, trashy and very clean at the same time.

Stick Definition